American Criminal Justice Association

The American Criminal Justice Association – Lambda Alpha Epsilon (ACJA/LAE) is offering criminal justice scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in criminal justice degree (or indirectly related to criminal justice) programs. The ACJA/LAE is an organization that works to support the field of criminal justice through educational programs, member services, and support professionals in the criminal justice field.


There are three levels of scholarships available and each level offers three scholarship awards. The three awards are 1st place is $400, 2nd place is $200, and 3rd place is $100. The three levels are Graduate Level for graduate students, Upper Level for undergraduate students who have completed at least 70/105 semester hours, and Lower Level for undergraduate students who have completed less than 70/105 semester hours but more than 12 semester hours/18 quarter hours.

Students must also have at least an overall 3.0 GPA, and must be enrolled at least 2/3 time at their school. Applicants must also be US citizens, and an enrolled member of an ACJA/LAE chapter or a member at large. Applicants may send in membership applications at the same time when the scholarship application is submitted.

Students need to submit a completed scholarship application, official school transcripts, and certification of enrollment; but letters of recommendation are optional. 5 copies of each document need to be sent to the scholarship committee by December 31, 2011.

The scholarship application can be found at:
Information about the ACJA/LAE and membership forms can be found at:

The money will be sent directly to the student, so the student can use it however he/she wishes – towards books, tutors, transportation, etc.
This is a good opportunity for students that need a little extra money to help them out. Good luck!


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